Thursday, February 25, 2016


You can't wait for inspiration. 
You have to go after it with a club.
~ Jack London

I need a club.

On this evening I explored a different place about an hour from home.
I enjoy the water and the blue hour, 
so shooting long exposures at this time of day is always a good thing.
Exploring a new venue was interesting as the drive to the destination was different and
the location itself was great.

I've read that others also go to different places and at different times of day than usual. 
If you're a street photographer, for example, you'll see different people or different activity in the morning vs. late afternoon or mid-day.
Some people use different lenses and focal lengths than customary.
Some people pick a subject to shoot, such as 'red' or benches, etc. 
again, anything out of the ordinary to make you see differently.

I found my way to a new spot on this evening.
But, I might need that club tomorrow.

What about you,
what do you do to find inspiration and spark your creativity?

Fuji XT1 long exposures; small apertures XF18-135mm lens

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