Monday, June 27, 2016

monochrome monday

I knew nothing but shadows and I thought them to be real. 
Oscar Wilde

I was going through my iPhone photos the other day trying to clean up a bit, 
and came across this image.
It caught my attention because I didn't recall taking it and rather liked it,
and I had just had a chat with someone who commented that
my images were generally not moody.

Intentional camera movement. ICM. 
It's a great way to generate an abstract quality to an image. 
Color, spatial arrangement, light become the primary subjects of the image, 
rather than a well focussed and tack sharp object, person, or landscape.

To do ICM, you just need low a ISO, a small aperture, and a long shutter speed.
If using a DSLR or mirrorless camera you can use polarizing or ND filters to reduce the amount of light hitting the sensor so you can employ a longer shutter speed during the day.
If it's an overcast day or nearing dawn/dusk, filters aren't typically needed.
If using a mobile device, there are apps available that allow for a long shutter speed.

Once you've got your ISO, aperture and shutter speed set, shoot and move the camera. 
Swipe the camera horizontally, vertically, add some swirly curly motions, or loops, 
and check out the image in the LCD.
Don't swipe too fast, nor too slow.
You'll see the output and know whether to speed up/down.
If it's too bright, adjust one of your parameters. 

Keep playing until you get what you're after.
Sometimes, I don't know what I'm after until I see it.
So don't stop if your first attempt doesn't catch your fancy.
I can spend hours photographing trees in the sunlight when I'm on my trail walks.
I have to force myself to stop and keep walking!
If using a mobile device, be it sucks the life out of your batteries.

As always. Just go out and have fun.